Abstract Art (Abstraction)- French Art Artists- Painter- Original Abstract Paintings:

Abstract Art/ Original Paintings/ Crozat Coulmont French Abstract Painter:

Abstraction- French Abstract Art- Original Art Paintings- Painter

Abstraction- French Abstract Art- Original Abstract Paintings: « Benevolence » (25.6X21.3) Inch ©2012 Crozat Coulmont Painter/ French Artist from France (Ardèche/ Soyons).

French Artists- Abstract Art Painter- Original Abstract Paintings

French Artist/ Original Abstract Paintings: Crozat Coulmont Abstract Painter/ Contemporary Art/ France.

Discover modern, original and unique abstract painting, recognizable among all at once by the uniqueness of the Crozat Coulmont’s style an the technique she uses (Lime coating on medium wood).

  • Discover an abstraction, which tenderly evokes the apocalyptic time of the creation and the genesis of the world. An abstraction which resembles that of Miotte’s in its free gestuality, that of Messagier’s in its discursive depth, that of Jorn’s in its chromatic strength and that of Zennatti’s in his ability -recognizable among all- to wear in his pictorial writing the vastness of infinity.
French Art & Artists- Abstract Painter- Original Abstract Paintings

French Art & Artists/ Abstract Painter/ Original Abstract Paintings: Crozat Coulmont Abstract Painter/ Contemporary Art/ Paris- Grand Palais/ France.

« The expressivity ability of Abstraction is immeasurable, as its stature is freedom, and its dimension is a human one. »

Crozat Coulmont

Crozat Coulmont Artist: The Abstract Painter’s Profile


Evelyne Crozat Coulmont, was born December 3, 1966 in France.

International abstract art painter, she paints with an untraditional technique, all of her paintings are made of lime coat on a wood support. Besides her brilliant use of this particular technique wich gives an unusual and appealing texture to her art work; Evelyne Crozat Coulmont represents perfectly and with flair, the abstract style.

Able to handle and translate perfectly in her compositions her state of mind, her dreams or emotions. With this artist, it is movement that reigns supreme, and it is expressed largely through carefully chosen and evocative rhythms, in which darkness and luminosity alternate in a game of light and shadow. She has the gift to create an expressive, dramatic and warm colour effect with an enviable confidence and faultless harmony. Through each of her works, this artist finds the valuable means of raising questions wich invites us into deep reflection.

National and International exhibitions (South Africa, Germany, Portugal, China, Tibet, Japan, USA, Egypt, Luxembourg).



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Crozat Coulmont Art Painter, member of « La Maison des Artistes » (C902908), SIREN 495 063 968.

Abstract Gallery n°1                                                                          Abstract Gallery n°2

If one of my abstract paintings catches your eyes and if you would like to have it, don’t hesitate any more, contact me.
In the world of Art, every work is unique and you would never forgive yourself for having waited too long and risked to lose it and to allow someone else to have it instead of you :-).

Abstract Art (Abstraction)/ CROZAT COULMONT International Abstract Painter: Contemporary Abstract Art Paintings. Lives and works in south of France, Soyons (Ardèche), near Valence (Drôme)/ Auvergne Rhône Alpes.